Paul Long Interview

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Professor Paul Long, Monash University

Paul Long is University Professor at Monash University and is working with Holly Tessler and Liverpool University Press to produce ‘The Journal of Beatles Studies‘. … Read More

Glenn Robbins Interview

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Comedian actor and writer Glenn Robbins

Glenn Robbins is a Melbourne-based comedian, actor and writer. He is famous for his work on The Comedy Company, Full Frontal, The Panel and for … Read More

Fred Smith Interview

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Fred Smith playing guitar - Photo by Geoffrey Dunn

Said by some to be the best folk/country musician working in Australia, Greg speaks to this diplomat/singer-songwriter, who not only dances to a different drum … Read More

Shaun Micallef Interview

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Shaun Micallef, photo by Brent Lukey

His favourite movie is Frank Capra’s It’s A Wonderful Life. He contemplated what’s important in life, while sitting on a rock near the Kashmiri border. … Read More

Robyn Flemming Interview

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Author photo Robyn Flemming

Greg chats with Robyn Flemming about her new book, Skinful – A memoir of addiction. Download podcast Self Published, available at Booktopia