Raymond T RossThe Last Post first came to life in the late 1960’s as a small almanac/directory for returned diggers from the Second World War. It was edited and published by my father, Raymond Thorsby Ross (pictured left), from a small office in George Street Sydney. Dad had fought with the 2nd 10th during WW2. Dad’s Dad, my grandfather, Joseph Thorsby Ross, fought at Gallipoli.

It was hard but satisfying work for Raymond who, these days you would say was, Editor, Graphic Designer and Marketing Manager rolled into one. Dad continued with The Last Post when he and his partner, Jan, moved to Perth in 1974. He continued to make a living by gaining the support of local small businesses who came aboard to ensure their local RSL’s were getting the message out to members. Local butchers, service stations, football clubs, doctors and others became valued clients to Dad who would visit them all separately to make sure they were happy with their Raymond died at the relatively young age on 60, in late 1983 and, with him, The Last Post died too.

Over the summer break of 2010/11 I began looking into the idea of bringing Dad’s old magazine back to life. On visits interstate I made contact with RSL members and spoke with them about what they would like to see in a revamped publication. The result – a national online and physical publication that comes out to commemorate Anzac and Remembrance Day.

The first edition of the “new” The Last Post came out for the spring of 2011. It features famous Australians who have honoured the legacy and features stories of interest for veterans as well as DVA Updates, Travel, Finance, Health and Music features.

The Last Post magazine has received phenomenal support since its inception in 2011. The feedback I continue to receive is both positive and thankful. Veterans have told me it helps them feel connected. To hear this from such incredible Australians, who have truly sacrificed so much for their country is both touching and humbling, and makes us so proud and determined to continue to make each edition better and better.

To know that we have so much wonderful support amongst civilian Australians as well is brilliant. It shows that the Anzac Spirit is alive and well – this is also noticeable by the great numbers of people, of all ages, we are now seeing at ceremonies such as Anzac Day services.

The Last Post magazine goes out to and is available from newsagents around the country, on-line, to subscribers, Governments, the Department of Veterans Affairs, Tourism Australia, Corporate backers and libraries around Australia.

Thank you for reading this and for your interest. You can help Australia’s veterans now by subscribing or offering advertising support.

I know Dad would have been happy with what’s happened and I look forward to continuing this wonderful story with help from wonderful Australians.

Greg T Ross, Editor, Publisher, The Last Post magazine.