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Greg speaks with investigative journalist Chris Masters about his new book Flawed Hero: Truth Lies and War Crimes.

Chris Masters PSM is one of Australia’s best-known, highly respected, and most influential investigative journalists. His stellar career has won him five Walkleys, including a Gold Walkley, and he has produced over 100 investigative reports, mostly for Four Corners. Masters remains at the top of his game: relentlessly, fearlessly and doggedly determined to expose the truth. His 1987 exposure of corruption in Queensland led to a public inquiry and reform. His 1983 report on corruption in the Rugby league and NSW judiciary led to a Royal Commission and judicial reform.

Masters is Australia’s unofficial Afghanistan war historian. He spent a total of three months embedded with Australian soldiers in Afghanistan in 2006 and 2010, including with special
forces in 2011. He remains the only journalist to embed with Australian Special Forces, and he has had unparalleled access over many years to front line soldiers of all stripes, and the officer corps including senior leadership.

He is the author of the bestselling Jonestown, Uncommon Soldier and No Front Line.

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