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Jeff Apter Interview The Last Post, author of The Book of Daniel

Greg speaks with author Jeff Apter about his new book on Neil Finn Don’t Dream It’s Over the remarkable life of Neil Finn.

As author, co-author and / or ghostwriter, Jeff Apter has worked on more than 30 biographies. His subjects include Keith Urban, George Young (Friday On My Mind), Malcolm Young (The Man Who Made AC/DC), Daniel Johns (The Book of Daniel), Angus Young (High Voltage) and John Farnham (Playing to Win). As ghostwriter, Jeff has worked with Mark Evans (Dirty Deeds), Michael Browning (Dog Eat Dog), Kasey Chambers (A Little Bird Told Me) and Richard Clapton (Best Years of Our Lives). He also worked on 2015’s Helpmann award-nominated live show, A State of Grace: The Music of Jeff and Tim Buckley and was on staff at Rolling Stone for several years.

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Book cover 'Don't Dream It's Over the remarkable life of Neil Finn' by Jeff Apter

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