The Buttery – Interview with Sam Booker and Trent Rees

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The Buttery, Sam Booker, Psychologist and Trent Rees, Residential Programs Manager

The Buttery is a not-for-profit, charitable mental health organisation and drug and alcohol rehab with headquarters near Bangalow in Northern NSW. Through residential and community-based programs, The Buttery specialises in the treatment of alcohol and other drug misuse, problem gambling and mental health issues. It is guided by the philosophy – Addiction is not a consequence of choice: rehabilitation is. As well as residential programs, it also operates community outreach programs throughout the NSW Mid-North Coast and NSW Northern Rivers Regions. Alternatively, the Buttery Private Wellbeing Program is a social enterprise of The Buttery and is an early intervention for people who are still functioning well enough but who suffer from symptoms of anxiety, depression and other mental health issues.

Here, Greg speaks with The Buttery about the Veterans COPE Recovery Program.

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