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Greg speaks with Kirstie Wyatt about the brand new website  Me and My Pet Aged Care that was launched 8/11/23 to canvas the community’s thoughts on the topic of pets in aged care homes. As soon as it was launched the public response was very positive and it was very widely shared. So much so that 5AA picked up the story and asked Kirstie for an interview the next morning. The survey just asks 3 questions and is an ongoing survey that can be filled out anytime, with the results shared live.

As Kirstie says, she’s not the expert on how change can happen in this area, she is just a passionate daughter who has been trying to navigate this process with her own dad David, and his beloved dog Max. In this journey, she has been introduced to some incredible people and organisations who have been wonderful advocates for this cause. She is very grateful that her recent campaign has received so much attention because this has meant she can shine some light on the excellent work that these organisations are doing in this space.

In the podcast, Greg and Kirstie chat with two of these women, Fiona de Rosa, PhD student from Flinders University and Trish Ennis, CEO of Companion Animal Network Australia – CAN and their Pet Friendly Aged Care programs, about the work they have done in this area and why it is so vitally important to so many people.

Also, learn more in the article from Trish and Fiona that we featured in Edition 31 of The Last Post magazine:

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