Cherisa Pearce Interview

Greg Rosssticky, Veterans

Cherisa Pearce, The LAst Post Inspirational Australian Women

Cherisa Pearce is full of enthusiasm and passion for bettering the lives of veterans. Her impressive military career began at 21 years of age, involved three deployments to Timor Leste and spanned over 21 years, retiring as Second in Command of the Royal Military College. As the 5th generation to serve in her family, daughter of a Vietnam Vet, and with a currently serving partner, Cherisa is well informed on the issues facing the veteran community and their families.

In mid-2021, RSL Australia invited Cherisa to become their National Ambassador alongside Pete Rudland.

As a volunteer National Ambassador, Cherisa works within communities to inspire younger members to join the league, liaises with other ex-serving organisations and seeks a broader perspective on veterans’ issues.

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