The Remembrance Day edition update, Aussiemite, Manly Surf School and Nelson Park school

Greg RossTLP Updates

Aussiemite is now a Supporter of The Last Post magazine and it came about after my wife and I visited the supermarket and saw this Australian-owned company’s yeast spread. We’re now Aussiemite converts and ask for all those that care about the success of deserving Australian companies to give Aussiemite a go. We reckon it’s tops and more info can be found at With no chemical preservatives or colouring, founder Roger John Ramsey is happy for you to visit the Aussiemite website to see where you can get this tasty spread and to have a look at recipes. Meanwhile, The Last Post magazine is also happy to announce the support of Matt Grainger and The Manly Surf School. The school has obtained almost legendary status along the northern beaches of Sydney and conducts surfing classes daily at Manly, Palm Beach. Collaroy and Long Reef. Matt’s team have a good track record in helping people of all ages learn to surf and feel at home in the water. Matt’s not long back from a surfing holiday (well, maybe just a little work too!) to Indonesia and is on track to have his story on that journey (with pics) ready for readers in time for the Remembrance Day edition. Celebrating good things Australian, The Last Post is happy to welcome Matt and the team. For a good time in the water this summer give them a call on 02 9977 6977 or visit

Meanwhile The Last Post announces Tim Page, Andrew Penfold, Dawn Fraser, John Newcombe and Di Morrissey are the interview subjects for the upcoming edition. Black Caviar Peter Moody will feature in 2014’s Anzac Day edition and we hope to get the great mare’s jockey, Luke Nolen also. More great stories and updates for veterans and all as well as the usual Education and the Anzac spirit for schools which looks at the great work being done by the Nelson Park school and others. Catch up soon.