Seniors Rights Service: After 30-years our vision has never waivered

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An alcoholic daughter has become physically aggressive and is demanding rent from her 80-year-old mother. A 90-year-old man in a remote Retirement Village would like to keep the scooter he purchased to assist him get to medical appointments. An older gay man is frightened that management of his facility is not LGBTI friendly. Communities of non-English speaking older people are facing legal implications due to the risks associated with new financial products.

The above is just a snapshot of the legal, education and advocacy support we provide older people everyday, day after day, year after year. After 30 years our vision has never waivered. However, The Aged-care Rights Service (TARS) has undergone a total brand review of how we look and this month we unveil our new logo, new name and new tagline, which all support the strategic vision of a contemporary service for older people.

We have adopted a consultative process with staff, management, our board, clients and prospective clients. This independent research found:

  •  “Seniors Rights Service is more plain and direct for people who don’t speak very good English”. – feedback from woman of Greek heritage in her 80s.
  •  “Seniors is respectful. It gives the impression of wisdom. It’s more positive. ‘Aged’ sounds frail”. – feedback from Retirement Village Resident, Female in late 70s.
  •  “I prefer Seniors. At MAG, we call ourselves Mature Aged Gays because a lot don’t like to be called old or aged. I like Seniors Rights Service.”  – feedback from a man in his late 60s who identifies as gay.

Seniors Rights Service – ‘Your Rights, Your Voice’ reflects the commitment of the entire organisation to provide the very best services in order to meet all of our clients needs.

‘Your Rights, Your Voice’ expresses our continuing role in empowering older people and their families in relation to supporting them as an advocate, providing legal information and advice and continuous education to the legal, aged-care and wider sectors on the rights of older people.

Seniors Rights Service will be officially launched on November 24 at a symposium. Speakers at the event will include:

  • Hon John Ajaka, Minister for Ageing
  • Rodney Lewis, Elder Law and Human Rights Activist
  • Nan Bosler, President of Australian Seniors’ Computer Club Association
  • Craig Gear, President

“It is paramount that Seniors Right Service retains its core values but at the same time develops a modern identity. We feel it’s important to let people know what we stand for in a clear and concise way and our new tagline ‘Your Rights, Your Voice’ reinforces that. The landscape and funding environment within ageing and aged-care is changing and we recognised the need for change,” says President, Craig Gear.

Together, with our staff, board, community, funders, partners and friends, we are calling for greater investment in legal, advocacy and educational strategies, which address the rights of older people. Seniors Rights Service will continue, and expand, our work with aged-care, legal and other industries to support and empower individual clients and protect their rights

“This is an exciting time for Seniors Rights Service as we have continued to grow a service throughout complex financial, political and social climates.  We feel that this is the right time to invest further into our organisation to create an even stronger presence in the community. This re-brand project represents our ambitious plan to become a leader in the rights and respect of older people,” says Chief Executive Officer, Russell Westacott.