David Hutchinson’s boat trip to Tunnung Island, RSPCA, The Beatles.

Greg RossTLP Updates

Big news is that www.surftravel.com.au ‘s David Hutchinson is finally back in Oz` after his monumental boat trip to Tunnung Island, PNG. Although it was a surf trip it wasn’t just a surf trip and we have this great story with pics for the November, Remembrance day edition. Meanwhile RSPCA have a lot to interest visitors to www.rspca.org.au including Animal Shelters, Bequests, events and fundraising news. The RSPCA’s policy is that all creatures should be treated equally so let’s think of ways to enact good behaviour to our non-human friends. Talking of animals, or insects….the beetles that morphed into The Beatles and changed the history of modern music. 2014 marks the 50th Anniversary of the Fab Fours tour down under and we have stories and pics on that as well as news on a Beatles ’64 Tour exhibition to be held at Melbourne’s Arts Centre and sydney’s Powerhouse Museum. I may not be the walrus (that was Paul) but I have a good idea of what’s good in music (oh, yeah!) and The Beatles are up there. I’ve walked across Abbey Road too but I was wearing shoes and I didn’t have a cigarette in my right hand. Also, historical moves underway by positive thoughts being put into positive actions persons Colac Otway Mayor Lyn Russell, Surfcoast Shire’s Mayor Libby Corke and Federal Pollie Darren Cheeseman to have the beautiful and historic Great Ocean Road given a World Heritage Listing. You’ll recall The Last Post’s Summer 2011 story on Colac’s 93-year old Alex Tillack’s hand in building the famous road. He was just a boy, it was the Great Depression. Then he went off to war. There are four memorial plagues in the Colac Otway Shire and we hope to bring focus to that with the help of Lyn Russell and Colac Otway Shire in the big Remembrance Day edition.