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I first met Benjamin L.M when I was working out ways to survive and was selling websites in Adelaide, SA, Australia.  We met at a pub for a beer and chat, and from there, not only a friendship unfolded but, for me, an opportunity to get close to the creation of some great art.  Benjamin L.M. is a self-taught artist, a writer, and an album cover designer as well.  Like me, he hails from Adelaide, and with the image and looks of a true artist, Benjamin L.M is nothing short of that.

As the founder of Clear Colours label, and the Chain of 77 Art Group, which features album cover artists JG Thirlwell (Foetus, Manorexia, Steroid Maximus), and Mackie Osborne (Melvins, Tool, Tricky, Mr Bungle), Benjamin L.M has taken his artistic flare and skills over the world with 9 art shows in the USA, 12 art shows in Australia, and 1 art show in the UK.

Benjamin L.M has designed 4 album covers, with a 5th cover being released on the 22 January 2016 for the album Synchronicities by Aaron Raymond.  An art film ‘Out Of Nowhere’ featuring music by Moby can also be found on YouTube at the following link.

Benjamin L.M. has released a spoken word and music recording under the name of Silver Slide with Roland Black, been on the cover of The Artist Showcase magazine in NY, USA, with a 4-page spread inside.  Benjamin L.M. will release his 5th book of poetry Seething With Hope On Top Of The World on 20 January 2016, which has a 30 minute spoken word and music track included.  Daniela Herrera from Southern FM 88.3 in Victoria, Australia, will be interviewing Benjamin L.M. on 24 January 2016 to promote this latest audio e-book, and the album cover and music of the new Aaron Raymond album.

With no restrictions as an artist, Benjamin L.M is now going fully into the world of music and finding his voice with songwriter Aaron Raymond under the name of Benjamin L.M and The Ultra Fires in 2016.

Check it out and get close to some great art.

Benjamin L.M. website:  www.benjaminlm.com/

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