Benjamin LM Interview

Greg RossArts

Artist Benjamin LM Nov 2020 final edit by Imran

Greg T Ross interviews Australian artist Benjamin LM about his upcoming international exhibition ‘Roots of Innocence’.

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Artist Benjamin LM Poster Roots of Innocence Dec 20 ArtAvita


Roots Of Innocence

A worldwide virtual / online solo art exhibition with Artavita

Link to virtual / online art gallery:

Opening times:

Los Angeles USA | Sat 5 Dec 6pm
New York USA | Sat 5 Dec 9pm
Paris FR | Sun 6 Dec 3am
Rome ITL | Sun 6 Dec 3am
Sydney AU | Sun 6 Dec 1pm
London UK | Sun 6 Dec 2am
Hong Kong HK | Sun 6 Dec 10am
São Paulo BR | Sat 5 Dec 11pm
Perth AU | Sun 6 Dec 10am

Poster design: Benjamin L.M.
Poster edit: Imran Sahib


5 new pop art paintings celebrating the innocence alive in the adult world.

Use the innocence of childhood to combat the problems of adulthood.
Stay free.
Tune into your timeless centre.
Life is a trick: It’s how you see it mentally, not what it is physically.
Zone into the beautiful parts and your strong spirit.
Shake off the human condition with spiritual innocence and power.
Freedom now.
Only positive paintings here.
Use the art of Benjamin L.M. to free yourself… as he does.

-Ajax Salvador
December 2020